Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another Day in Paradise...


It's day two of a no-sleep art bender that I'm on, four if you count a weekend fraught with insomnia, and after a quick twenty minute nap -- I'm still raring to go. 

Yay mania!

You may or may not be tickled to know that I've been a very productive Artist @ Large! I finally worked out the detail dealios of my semester one project, met with Charlotte (who graciously talked me down from a frightening website related panic,) knocked out a third of a new painting and still had time to handcraft a Brooklyn style pesto pizza!

Currently, I am writing this weeks blog posting.

Shortly after, I gots some sketchin' to do, followed by a bit of time invested on what I hope will be my new website, before heading home to spend some quality time with the missus, our bird and a somewhat grumpy pygmy hedgehog named Moxy. We may even work in some quirky DVD entertainment, assuming we don't immediately  pass out after dinner...

My project idea, in brief, goes something like this:

I will be producing 3 pieces, assembled into a triptych. In the center, will be a self portrait. This will not be a traditional image of myself, but rather an icon that represents me. (The specifics of this image has not yet presented itself.) It will be flanked by a portrait of my Mother on the left and my Father on the right. I plan to dive into a more constructed approach – ironic, as my style is a deconstruction of my subject(s), by adding sculptural elements to the face of the painting(s). This, I feel, will help ease me into the world of sculpture and installation. As for the concept behind the art, well, I'll save that for my in-class presentation on Thursday...

I don't seem to have anything else on my mind at the moment, so I s'pose that's all for now.

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