Thursday, September 27, 2012

Project Notes

Uhm.. yeah. So, I'm getting to this late...

So far, my first MFA project has been in the "think about it" phase. That is, I have been conceptualizing what I want to do for semester one. Until now, I have had the concept but none of the imagery; I plan to do a triptych that directly deals with my somewhat less-than-fortunate childhood and find ways to introduce sculptural/3D elements to my surface. 

My plan is to do a symbolic self portrait flanked by portraits of my parents. I had gotten stuck on 2 elements: 

1> What would be the best way to represent myself without crossing the line into a "private" image? 
2> How the hell am I going to work out the framing and hinges to get the piece to open and close the way I want it to? 

Then, at the end of last weeks projects class, I got smacked in the face with with a revelation! The whole piece, in my head at least, came at me it in a rush of images. (minus the hinge and frame thing) And it did so as most of my creative endeavors often do -- inexplicably and without method. 

Obediently, I quickly jotted down some notes and then set to the task of assembling my references and building materials. 

The emotional side of this project has been harder to cope with than I initially thought and the idea of dredging up all this crap that I worked so hard to forget has cost me more than a few nights of sleep. So, I did an all-nighter and assembled my panels...  

And have since gone back to thinking. 

Yesterday I met with my mentor, Walt, who told me to get out of my head and sketch what I am thinking. Ric concurred. 

For the record, this is not my usual methodology. When an idea crystallizes, I can see it in front of me as though my eyes were projecting the image on (insert surface, here) and all I then have to do is trace it out. Make it happen. 

Easy peasy, lemon squeasy.

The bad thing is that if, for whatever reason, the idea doesn't happen in my head, I get stuck so, sketching things out MIGHT be a good plan. That's how I will be spending the next several days -- recording my thought processes and keeping myself on target.

Hopefully, by next class, I should be ready to start laying paint to board.

My list of artists who are inspiring this piece, for those interested, may not make much sense to anyone else but me... It's a personal project so, stylistically, I don't want too many outside influences mucking up my production. Conceptually however, I do have a list for your consideration:

Beethoven's "Midnight Sonata."
The music of a band called: "Lost in the Trees."
The writings of Benjamin Hoff, Ken Kesey and Irving Stone.
Dali's painting; "Portrait of My Dead Brother."
Francis Bacon's "Self Portrait."


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