Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Be My Minion!


I was passing some time while waiting for the art supply store to open and decided to take a geek break with the old blog here...

Seems you can now "follow" a blog... Hmmm. kinda like having a friends list on Myspace or Facebook or whatever. Neat. Apparently, this nifty new thingy lets readers publicly subscribe to your blog (so you know who's reading) and adds a Reading List to your Blogger Dashboard so readers can stay updated with the blogs they follow. I just started "following" certain blogs by certain friends (ahem) and as I said a moment ago: neat.

The idea here is to encourage folks to tune into your blog more than once because, and I quote: "Readers often visit a blog and enjoy it but fail to return." This is, I think, a great way to build an audience ESPECIALLY for those looking to be published... Check your Dashboard for the 411, yo.

(hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge -- say-no-more)


Okie said...

Have you seen this?

Google Reader

David said...

Yes, google reader is the same idea BUT it's yet ANOTHER place to have to go. At least with the follow gadget on the blog, I can keep up with blogs when I'm in the bloggerverse, y'know..? It's a one stop shopping type of thing. Anyway, aren't you curious about how many people read your blog?